Undergraduate Study in USA - Academic Calendar

For undergraduate studies in USA, the academic year like many other countries , may be different for each university or college but normally starts from September to the end of May. Each year is divided in to two semesters each of 18 weeks (approximately). Alternatively, the university or college may have "quarters" or "trimesters," which are about 12 weeks in length. In addition, universities very often provide six- to eight-week optional summer terms. Students attend summer terms if they wish decrease their course load during the regular terms, or to make up for courses not completed successfully during the regular academic year. There are at least two main holidays during the academic year:

The US offers international students the most exciting, rewarding and comprehensive array of study options in the world. International students who choose to study in the US have almost unlimited study choices. Furthermore, international students who successfully complete their US study are highly sought-after by employers worldwide.

Postgraduate studies - Academic Calendar

A brief overview of the yearly timelines associated with higher education in America

An advanced international student that is new to the USA might take time to adjust for the yearly timelines connected with higher education. The following can be a brief overview of the very most common American school calendar.

Starting in Autumn

Most schools in the USA operate on the yearly academic routine that stretches through late August in order to early May. September is really a very busy 30 days for incoming college students.

Just a few of the activities that keep students busy in autumn include:

  • confirming class schedules
  • securing and settling into housing
  • purchasing books and materials
  • "rushing" (another word for the process that Greek fraternities and sororities use to select members) or joining student groups
  • attending American football and soccer sporting events
  • becoming acclimated to a new campus

Along with few exceptions, annual groups and events often convene in the actual fall on campuses all around the United States. It's the season that many students keep company with exciting beginnings.

Throughout the fall, your host university will probably offer special opportunities that will help you become acclimated. "International Nights" as well as "mixers, " exactly where both foreign as well as U. S. college students are invited in order to mingle, can be a terrific way to meet new people and find out more about your surroundings.

Session Lengths

Probably the most common session lengths utilized by U. S. universites and colleges is the "semester. " This can be a roughly 15-week of study work; there are two semesters each year, beginning in drop and spring respectively.

Somewhere about the ninth week of each semester, many teachers will post mid-term grades so that students can gauge their progress (although instructors are generally only required to offer mid-term grades to first-year students)..

Mid-term grades may also be sometimes offered inside academic "quarters, " wherein the conventional 40-week academic year is separated into four the same portions with pupils attending classes for three of the quarters. A less popular way of academic scheduling could be the "trimester" when the entire 52-week is sectioned directly into three blocks, and students show up at classes for ten weeks of each and every trimester.

Most universites and colleges in the USA also allow students to consider courses in summer time months or throughout breaks, which is a terrific way to earn a level quicker or to replace with courses not successfully completed throughout the regular term.

Commencement ceremonies for graduating students normally take place twice per year, in December and in May.


The most typical holiday breaks with regard to U. S. schools occur in the winter (generally mid-December to earlier January) as well as in spring (usually 1 week in late 03 or early 04). A fall break can occasionally consist of 2 to 3 days off throughout the month of Oct.

Breaks really are a great opportunity for students to go to warm destinations as well as relax with buddies. Some campuses near down (such as dorms and home halls) with regard to holiday breaks, therefore international students ought to take particular treatment to secure short-term accommodations during those intervals if necessary.

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