Short Term Study in USA

The USA offers an array of short-term study programs lasting 12 weeks or less, including senior high school exchange programs, function and professional trade programs, vocational as well as technical programs, short-term college study, professional research, and intensive British programs. This section gives a summary of some things you have to think about when signing up to any short-term study program in the USA. The chapter also presents the primary program options that are offered.

Factors to Consider
Planning Ahead | Choosing a Program | Accreditation | Costs | Funding | Visas

Planning Ahead

Doing the " homework" is the ultimate way to succeed in virtually any educational program. Your relatively limited time of study in America will be increased by careful organizing and advance preparing. Twelve to 18 months ahead of the date you need to begin a system, define your goals and commence researching programs that may best meet these.

Choosing any Program

Begin your search at your nearest Education USA details and advising heart. There you will gain access to a variety regarding reference materials concerning U.S. instructional programs and organizations.

Try to spot several programs of study that may meet your private and professional specifications. Then, contact the particular organizations or organizations running the plans and request in depth information. Be sure to communicate your specific situation and virtually any special needs you could have.

Compare the programs that interest you by considering:

  • application deadlines;
  • whether you meet the eligibility and admission requirements;
  • accreditation of the program or institution;
  • costs;
  • whether the program includes or arranges for housing, or if it provides any assistance to students who are looking for a place to live;
  • other services, such as social activities, provided by the organization running the program or by the host educational institution;
  • how long the program has been in existence, typical participants, and, if applicable, what careers or jobs past participants have gained entry to after completing the program;
  • if this is not an international exchange program, how experienced the program administrators are in dealing with participants from outside the United States;
  • the location and local environment, including climate and availability of public transportation;
  • the "small print": whether a deposit is required in advance, refund and cancellation policies, and any other obligations on both you and the organization running the program.

If you are considering studying at a college or university, you may also wish to consult the section on 'Undergraduate Study' or 'Graduate Study', which contain more information on factors to consider when choosing a U.S. college or university.


There isn't any central government body in the USA that is responsible for monitoring educational requirements. Instead, the USA relies on the system of accreditation to make sure educational quality associated with institutions and particular programs. It is essential to make certain that any courses or even short-term study or even training programs you select are properly certified. Also check ahead of time with your home-country supplementary school, university, ministry associated with education or work, employer, or relevant professional association to find out whether your plan of study is going to be recognized upon your return.


For more detailed information concerning this very important part of choosing an appropriate short-term study program, please read the section on "Accreditation."


The price of short-term study in the USA varies considerably. Costs are based on the institution's tuition charges along with other fees, as well as through the program type as well as length and through the materials you'll be required to purchase to be able to complete the program. Information about the expense of each program will come in program brochures, catalogues, and application supplies, and sometimes on the program website.

You will should also budget for the price of traveling to and from America, as well for living expenses for example room and kitchen. In addition, you will have to have health insurance while in the USA. There may also be considered a charge in your own country for trying to get a U.S. student visa.



Funding from universities, scholarship organizations, or grant-giving bodies is difficult to obtain for short-term study in the United States. Much of this type of funding is given to degree-seeking students or to researchers.


It is essential to note that just about all types of short-term study in the USA require you to obtain a student visa in the U. S. embassy or consulate in your home country, regardless of length the course or the kind of program. The most typical visa for international students may be the F-1 student visa. If you're trying in a recognised educational exchange plan, you may have to apply for the actual J-1 exchange customer visa instead. Confirm with the staff in the institution running this program which type of visa you'll need.

Before trying to get either an F-1 or perhaps a J-1 visa, you have to receive a U.S. government type called a Certification of Eligibility. If you're applying for a good F-1 visa, the Certificate of Eligibility is going to be issued by your own U.S. organization of study. If you're applying for the J-1 visa, the Certificate of Eligibility is going to be issued either because of your U.S. institution of study or through the program that is actually sponsoring your study in the usa. The Certificate associated with Eligibility shows you have been accepted right into a program of study and also have proven you have sufficient funds to pay for all expenses throughout the course or even program, either through your personal funds or through funds from the sponsoring individual or even organization. For a good F-1 visa software, the Certificate of Eligibility is known as the Form I-20, and for any J-1 visa software, it is called the shape IAP-66. (The IAP-66 will end up DS-2019 later on. )

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