Cost of Education in USA

This section provides brief description from the cost for learning abroad. This includes college tuition costs and bills. Living expenses can vary greatly with respect to the individual. This information is simply a rough sketch from talking to various students who're studying abroad presently.

Approximate Expenses in U.S.A

Tuition Fees

US Universities come under two major groups: public (State supported), as well as private (impartial) institutions. Worldwide students’ tuition expenses from state schools provide nonresident costs, that are still usually more affordable than those associated with private universities. It’ s important to notice that the price of a program inside a US school doesn't necessarily affect its quality. A brief idea could be had from the next table:

University Type Tuition Fees (annual in U.S. Dollars)
Private Institutions (High Cost) $ 19,000
Private Institutions (Low Cost) $ 12,000
State Institutions (High Cost) $ 13,000
State Institutions (Low Cost) $ 6,000

The actual tuition fee differs for different colleges and varies broadly with courses. It can vary from as little as $ 5000 annually for state universities up to $ 30000 per year for some private universities. For much more specific details, make sure you contact the colleges.

Living Expenses

The actual approximate annual costs are about $10,000, which includes accommodation along with other daily expenses. Nevertheless, the expenses will vary for different people with respect to the lifestyles and this really is just a tough idea. The main expenses could be split up in:

Rent $ 400 per month (you can live alone with that amount in a place like Auburn or share an apartment with 6 people in NY)
Groceries $ 100 per month
Utilities $ 100 per month
Phone $ 100 per month
Sundry $ 200 per month

Therefore, about $1000 per month is a great estimation. Many people can survive with $700-$1000 per month. The key here's to share apartments/houses so you save on the actual utilities, fixed charge part of phone and somewhat on groceries.

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