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Multiple Choice questions for General Knowledge in the sets of 10 each on one page with questions and answers. All sets are useful in the preparation of subject tests for employment or admission.
Question: 2414   Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, So Tom and Prnipe, and Democratic Republic of the Congo are included in ______.
  1. Western Africa
  2. South Asia
  3. North Africa
  4. Central Africa
Question: 2415   Name the narrow land bridge which links Mexico in North America to Colombia in South America?
  1. South America
  2. Latin America
  3. Central America
  4. Americana
Question: 2416   What name is given to the region which includes Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan?
  1. East Asia
  2. Central Asia
  3. Asia Minor
  4. Far East Asia
Question: 2417   "Central America" is made up of seven countries, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador,Nicaragua and Panama, Which of the following is remaining country?
  1. Costa Rica
  2. Cuba
  3. Chile
  4. Mexico
Question: 2418   Central, Asian Republics is a group of five republic Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. They comprise a large part of the geographical region of the Turkmenistan and are the home of large numbers of Muslims.When CARs' independence was recognized?
  1. 1990
  2. 1989
  3. 1991
  4. 1992
Question: 2419   some countries included in the region of East Africa are Burundi, Djibouti,Eritea, Ethiopia, kenya, Rwanda, somalia sudan and Tanzania. Name the reaming one
  1. South Asia
  2. Uganda
  3. Chad
  4. Congo
Question: 2423   In which region countries and dependencis China, Japan, Mongolia,North and south Korea falls
  1. East Asia
  2. Far East Asia
  3. Central Asia
  4. North Asia
Question: 2428   Name the region where Albania, Belarus, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, croatia, czech Republic, Estonia, Hungry, Latvia, Lithuania, FYRO Macedonia, Moldova, Poland,Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Yugoslavia are located
  1. central Europe
  2. Eastern Europe
  3. North Europe
  4. Western Europe
Question: 2431   The part of the earth that includes Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia is known as
  1. South Hemisphere
  2. Northern Hemisphere
  3. Western Hemisphere
  4. Eastern Hemisphere
Question: 2432   "Abyssinia" is the old name of
  1. Nigeria
  2. Japan
  3. Syria
  4. Ethiopia
Question: 2433   "Acre" (Turkey) is the new name of
  1. Angora
  2. Rangoon
  3. Anglo
  4. None of these
Question: 2434   "Athens is the new name of
  1. Athinai
  2. Cyprus
  3. Greece
  4. Rome

Answers to the questions of General Knowledge on this page

Following list gives the correct choice for the answer of the General Knowledge mcqs.
2414 . A       2415 . D       2416 . C       2417 . A       2418 . D       2419 . B       2423 . A       2428 . B       2431 . D       2432 . D       2433 . A       2434 . A      

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