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Question: 2936   Term the body of Goods and monies From which future income can be derived?
  1. Net assets
  2. Assets
  3. Holdings
  4. capital
Question: 2937   A long-term assets, such as land or building is termed as__________
  1. Capital asset
  2. Solid asset
  3. Solid capital
  4. Future asset
Question: 2938   Aggregate demand, also more accurately referred to as aggregte expenditure, is one of the key concepts that still today is at the key concepts that still today is at the heart of most microeconomic theories about determination of the overall level of employment in a country's economy during a given year. who introduced this thery?
  1. John Marshall
  2. John Maynard Keynes
  3. Adam Smith
  4. David Ricardo
Question: 2939   Mention any of a variety of ideologies which share the fundamental belief that the state and all similar forms of governmental authority are unjustified and oppressive and illegitimate and therefore ought to be abolished?
  1. Fascism
  2. Anarchism
  3. Communist
  4. Socialism
Question: 2940   which of the following is a privileged social class who possesses large shares of a society's wealth, social prestige, educational attainment and political influence which they acquire from a long line of similarly privileged and cultivated ancestors?
  1. Autocracy
  2. Aristocracy
  3. Technocracy
  4. Feudalism
Question: 2941   In which system of Government the supreme political power to direct all the activities of the state is concentrated in the hands of one person, whose decisionsare subject to neither external legal regal restraints or nor regularized mechanism of popular control?
  1. Dictatorship
  2. Autocracy
  3. Aristocracy
  4. Absolutism
Question: 2942   Term the conditions or circumstances that made it very difficult for outside firms to enter a particular market to compete with established firm or firms that are already selling the good or service?
  1. Barriers to entry
  2. Closed shop
  3. Hard entry
  4. Narrow entry
Question: 2943   A market in which certain goods or services are routinely traded in a manner contrary to the laws and regulations of the government is called Black market. Mention the typical reasons why the market goes underground in this way?
  1. To evade restrictive government price controls or inconvenient rationing schemes
  2. To avoid heavy taxes on goods or services that government does not wants the people to have at all
  3. All of these
Question: 2944   The rights of every citizen freedom of thought, freedom of conscience, freedom of expression etc are known as
  1. Basic rights
  2. Fundamental rights
  3. Civil rights
  4. Human rights
Question: 2945   In the course of history, legally binding rules or principles of justice are developed from the gradual accumulation of rulings by judges in individual cases.what these rules or principles are called?
  1. Common Law
  2. Customary Law
  3. Municipal Law
  4. Civil Law
Question: 2946   what is called that person who is represented politically by a designated government official or officeholder?
  1. Representative
  2. Constituent
  3. political agent
  4. Legislature
Question: 2947   Name the part of economic theory that explains the rate at which a country's economy will grow over time?
  1. Growth theory
  2. production theory
  3. prediction
  4. Economic growth theory

Answers to the questions of General Knowledge on this page

Following list gives the correct choice for the answer of the General Knowledge mcqs.
2936 . D       2937 . A       2938 . B       2939 . B       2940 . B       2941 . B       2942 . A       2943 . D       2944 . C       2945 . A       2946 . B       2947 . A      

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