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Question: 2707   which of the following is true?
  1. Constitution is a document that confers rights or privileges on an individual or group of people
  2. Law is a document that confers rights or privileges on an individual or group of people
  3. Charter is a document that confers rights or privileges on an individual or group of people
  4. Charter is a document that confers rights or privileges on an individual of group of people
Question: 2708   Charter often defines the role of an institution such as city or university. who designates it?
  1. United Nations
  2. International organization
  3. Sovereign or legislature
  4. All of these
Question: 2709   The term,charter, originally applied to the written deed that transferred property from one owner to another but has widely been used for a variety of royal grants. The most famous was issued by king John of English in 1215.Name the charter?
  1. Charter of 1215
  2. Charter of Liberty
  3. Mangna carta
  4. First charter
Question: 2710   when a minority or immigrant group is absorbed into receiving majority community, the result would be a distinguishing characteristics between different groups. How this process is known?
  1. Centurions
  2. Absorption
  3. Assimilate
  4. Annihilation
Question: 2711   The term "Cosmopolitan" refers to_______
  1. national influences upon a person or place
  2. international influences upon a person or place
  3. Local influences upon a person or place
  4. Folk influences upon a person or place
Question: 2712   which term represents the minimum number of years of schooling that all the children in a country are expected to complete?
  1. Minimum education duration
  2. Initial education duration
  3. Compulsory education duration
  4. Basic education duration
Question: 2713   The arrangement, whereby world's richer cations agree to cancel or reduce the international debts of developing countries provided those countries who agree to protect threatened areas, such as their tropical forests, are termed as_____
  1. Debt- for-Nature swap
  2. Natural Relief
  3. Easy Debt
  4. None of these
Question: 2714   The term domesticated refers to___________
  1. Living in house
  2. Living at home town
  3. plants, animal, selectively bred and raised by people for their use
  4. plants, Animal protection
Question: 2715   A territory, completely surrounded by another political unit of which it is not a part, is termed as
  1. Enclave
  2. Exclave
  3. Inland
  4. outland
Question: 2716   which term is used for an area of a state or country isolated from the main part of its territory and, surrounded by a politically alien area?
  1. Inland
  2. Enclave
  3. Out land
  4. Exclave
Question: 2717   Fascism is____________
  1. System of Organization
  2. System of Dictatorship
  3. System of hostile and racist policies for opposition
  4. All of these
Question: 2718   The places of historic or cultural importance listed on the world cultural and Natural Heritage List, are known as __________
  1. common Heritage sites
  2. protected sites
  3. world Heritage sites
  4. None of these

Answers to the questions of General Knowledge on this page

Following list gives the correct choice for the answer of the General Knowledge mcqs.
2707 . D       2708 . C       2709 . C       2710 . C       2711 . B       2712 . C       2713 . A       2714 . C       2715 . A       2716 . D       2717 . C       2718 . C      

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