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Multiple Choice questions for General Knowledge in the sets of 10 each on one page with questions and answers. All sets are useful in the preparation of subject tests for employment or admission.
Question: 3640   There is an order which requires the defendant to return to court on an unspecified date for sentence. what this order is called?
  1. pending sentence
  2. pending over for sentence
  3. Left over for sentence
  4. Bind over for sentence
Question: 3642   A unique reference number is allocated to each case by the issuing court. what this number is called
  1. court number
  2. case number
  3. File number
  4. Legal number
Question: 3648   Name the doctrine that the act of government within the boundaries of its own territory is not subject to judicial scrutiny in a foreign municipal court?
  1. Act of sovereignty doctrine
  2. Act of immunity doctrine
  3. Sovereign doctrine
  4. Act of state doctrine
Question: 3650   The space above a state and which comes under its jurisdiction is known as_______
  1. Airways
  2. Airspace
  3. Home Airspace
  4. Free Airspace
Question: 3653   Antarctica Traeaty is a multilateral treaty adopted on December 1, 1959, and in force from June 23, 1961. what are its requirement(s) from states parties?
  1. To cooperate in conducting scientific research
  2. To abstain from carrying on military activities
  3. To suspend their territorial claims to Antarctica so long as the treaty is in force
  4. All of these
Question: 3735   The instrument describing the internal regulations of a corporation is called________
  1. Artices of Memorandum
  2. Articles of Incorporation
  3. By Laws
  4. Article of Association
Question: 3736   Name the basic instrument that creates and defines a particular corporation which is filed with a state agency at the time of the firm's incorporation?
  1. Articles of Association
  2. Articles of Memorandum
  3. By Laws
  4. Articles of Incorporation
Question: 3737   The artistic,literary, and musical words are known as __________
  1. personal property
  2. Artistic property
  3. Mind property
  4. Universal property
Question: 3738   If a state assigns to another state responsibility of its own defense and foreign relations, then, what this state is called?
  1. Dependent State
  2. Sub-state
  3. Associated state
  4. Under-state
Question: 3739   A bank which acts as an agent for another band is called correspondent bank.what is development bank
  1. which is going in profit
  2. which provides funds for the promotion of the economy of an area, country, region or world
  3. which is meant for developing industry
  4. which is meant for developing agriculture
Question: 3740   what is bilateral treaty?
  1. Formal binding agreement between two states
  2. Formal binding agreement between three states
  3. Formal binding agreement between a country and NGO
  4. Formal binding agreement between two N Gos
Question: 3741   What is called a facility at a port of entry where shippers can store goods until they clear customs?
  1. Bonded warehouse
  2. Warehouse
  3. Custom house
  4. port

Answers to the questions of General Knowledge on this page

Following list gives the correct choice for the answer of the General Knowledge mcqs.
3640 . D       3642 . B       3648 . D       3650 . B       3653 . D       3735 . D       3736 . D       3737 . B       3738 . C       3739 . B       3740 . A       3741 . A      

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