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Question: 2829   Gupta dynasty was North Indian dynasty in which some of the finest Indian art and literature was produced. what was it's duration?
  1. AD 250-550
  2. AD 300 to 500
  3. AD 225-525
  4. AD 320to 550
Question: 2830   Form a small area in Ganges valley, Gupta dynasty's power spread out to most of India. Under Chandragupta scholarship, law and art reached new heights. which invasion in 450 reduced it to a portion of Bengal?
  1. Aryans Invasion
  2. Mongol Invasion
  3. White Han Invasion
  4. Tartarian Invasion
Question: 2831   Han dynasty was originated in China, what was its period?
  1. 200 B. C.-200 A.D
  2. 100B. C.-220 A.D.
  3. 300 B.C.-200 A.D.
  4. 202 B.C. 220 A. D.
Question: 2832   Han dynasty was founded a period of appressive centralized rule under the Ch'in dynasty. Name it founder?
  1. Li Chung
  2. Li Hun
  3. Liu Bang
  4. Han Li
Question: 2833   Han dynasty held power form Korea and Vietnam to Uzbekistan. which ideology became official in this period?
  1. Confucianism
  2. Marxism
  3. Budhism
  4. Maoism
Question: 2834   Which Empire was considered to be continuation of the Western part of the ancient Roman Empire?
  1. British Empire
  2. French Empire
  3. Napoleon Empire
  4. Holy Roman Empire
Question: 2835   which battle took place in north-western France on 25 October 1415 and was the part of Hundred year's war?
  1. Ten years War
  2. War of Roses
  3. Battle of Agincourt
  4. None of Liberty
Question: 2836   what is called the war which was fought between the southern states and the northern states of USA?
  1. American War
  2. Great American War
  3. American civil War
  4. War of liberty
Question: 2837   Besides many others, the chief reason of American civil war was disagreement over whether slavery could be introduced into new states. In 1860 which leader was elected as the president of US who wanted to prevent extension of slavery?
  1. George Washington
  2. Abraham Lincoln
  3. Jerald Ford
  4. Henry Ford
Question: 2838   The northern Army won a notable victory at Gettysbourg in 1863. when did finally southern states surrender that ended the American civil war which had cost 600,000 lives?
  1. 1855
  2. 1875
  3. 1865
  4. 1885
Question: 2839   In which war 13 colonies of North America won their independence from Britain?
  1. American Civil war
  2. American war of Independence
  3. Great American War
  4. American War of Liberty
Question: 2840   Many protests took place against the taxation levied by Britain on Americans that is the immediate reason of American War of independence. point out year when the protest started?
  1. 1773
  2. 1873
  3. 1573
  4. 1673

Answers to the questions of General Knowledge on this page

Following list gives the correct choice for the answer of the General Knowledge mcqs.
2829 . D       2830 . C       2831 . D       2832 . C       2833 . A       2834 . D       2835 . C       2836 . C       2837 . B       2838 . A       2839 . C       2840 . B      

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