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Question: 2765   In 1886 Sir sayyak organized a conference which met annually and was the principal national centre of Indian Muslims until the foundation of Muslim League in 1906.Name the conference?
  1. Muhammad Educational conference
  2. Aligarh Educational conferences
  3. All India Muhammadan Political
  4. All India Muhammadan Educational Conference
Question: 2766   who was the most important Mughal emperor, reigning from 1556 to 1605 , who extended Mughal power over most of the Indian subcontinent?
  1. Babar
  2. Shah Jehan
  3. Muhammad Akbar
  4. Aurangzeb
Question: 2767   Abbasid Dynasty was the second of two great dynasties of the Muslim Empire of the caliphate. When and which caliphate it overthrew n AD 750 to reign as Abbasid Caliphate
  1. The Umayyad Caliphate
  2. The Mughals
  3. Umar Caliphate
  4. none of these
Question: 2768   From where the name Abbasid is derived?
  1. prophet Muhammad's cousin
  2. prophet Muhammad's uncle Al-Abbas
  3. Alis Uncle Al-Abbas
  4. None of these
Question: 2769   From c.7/8 members of al-Abbas' family worked to gain the control of empire and won much support. when did revolt open?
  1. 740
  2. 790
  3. 747
  4. 750
Question: 2770   Under the leadership of Abu Muslim, in which battle Abbasids defeated the last Umayyad caliph Marwan 11 in 750?
  1. Great Neil River in Mesopotamia
  2. Euphrates River in Mesopotamia
  3. Battle of plassey
  4. Great Zeb River in Mesopotamia
Question: 2771   Name the first Abbasid Caliph?
  1. Abu Abbas
  2. Abu al-Abbas as-Saffah
  3. Abbas bin-saffah
  4. Abbas ibn Hamza
Question: 2772   In 1055, Abbasid's were overpowered by seljuks. who destroyed the Abbasid caliphate in 1258?
  1. Tatars
  2. Aryans
  3. Romans
  4. Mongol
Question: 2773   which name is given to the overseas possessions' acquired by Britain over a period of 400 years?
  1. British Empire
  2. British System
  3. Britain Empires
  4. None of these
Question: 2774   The British Empire began with the founding of colonies in North America in the early 17th century. which two important regions Britain won from French in 18th century?
  1. America, India
  2. India, south Africa
  3. Canada, India
  4. India Americas
Question: 2775   After which wars Britain acquired possessions in west Indies?
  1. Napoleonic wars
  2. Mesopotamian wars
  3. Hundred Years wars
  4. war of rock
Question: 2776   when Roman Empire was divided into two parts in AD 395, what name was given to the eastern part of Roman Empire?
  1. Holy Roman Empire
  2. Byzantine Empire
  3. Eastern Roman Empire
  4. Eastern Holy Empire

Answers to the questions of General Knowledge on this page

Following list gives the correct choice for the answer of the General Knowledge mcqs.
2765 . D       2766 . C       2767 . A       2768 . B       2769 . C       2770 . D       2771 . B       2772 . D       2773 . A       2774 . C       2775 . A       2776 . B      

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