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Question: 2745   Date of death of Al-zahrawi is 1013. point out his date of birth?
  1. 936
  2. 900
  3. 920
  4. 939
Question: 2746   Name the astronomer and one of the greatest Muslim mathematicians, who made important contributions to the development of trigonometry?
  1. Al-zahrawi
  2. Abu al-wafa
  3. Abu Ishaq kindi
  4. All of these
Question: 2747   Ab-ul wafa worked in an observatory in baghdad. what was his important achieverment there?
  1. He found gravitation motion
  2. He found sunspots
  3. He found motion of earth
  4. He built the first wall quadrant for observing stars.
Question: 2748   The place of death of Ab-ul wafa is Baghdad in 988. when he was born at Buzjan in Iran?
  1. 900
  2. 910
  3. 950
  4. 940
Question: 2749   A greatest Muslim translator who born in Basra in the beginning of the 19th century, is called "philosopher of Arabs" in west. what is his name?
  1. Abu'al Qasim Al-Zahrawi
  2. Abu yusuf yaqub ibn Ishaq Al kindi
  3. None of them
  4. Both of them
Question: 2750   Al kindi made contributions to mathematics, astrology, philosoph and logic. He is the forerunner of an important and logic. which of the following is that theory?
  1. Theory of Gravity
  2. Theory of Relativity
  3. Theory of Motion
  4. Theory of Ionization
Question: 2751   Sir Sayyid khan, founder of Anglo oriental College at Aligarh, was died in Aligarh in march, 27, 1898. when he was born at Delhi?
  1. Oct 17,1860
  2. Oct 17,1817
  3. Oct 17,1855
  4. Oct 17, 1850
Question: 2754   Essays on the Life of Mohammad (PBUH) (1870) and commentaries on the Bible and Quran are Sir Sayyid's Urdu works. which book was brought out by him on the antiquities of Delhi in 1847
  1. History of Delhi
  2. Asser Al-Delhi
  3. Tarikh-e-Delhi
  4. Assar assanadid
Question: 2755   In 1888 Sir Sayyid was awarded the title of Sir. Among his works there was a very important Pamphlet. which of the following is pamphlet?
  1. The causes of revolt
  2. True causes of the Indian Revolt
  3. The causes of the Indian Revolt
  4. None of these
Question: 2763   Sir Sayyid established the Scientific Society Which issued a bilingual Journal in Urdu and English.which journal was started by him after his return from England from 1869 to 1870?
  1. Tahzib al-Akhlaq
  2. Tihzib Magazine
  3. Akhaq Magazine
  4. All of these
Question: 2765   In 1886 Sir sayyak organized a conference which met annually and was the principal national centre of Indian Muslims until the foundation of Muslim League in 1906.Name the conference?
  1. Muhammad Educational conference
  2. Aligarh Educational conferences
  3. All India Muhammadan Political
  4. All India Muhammadan Educational Conference
Question: 2766   who was the most important Mughal emperor, reigning from 1556 to 1605 , who extended Mughal power over most of the Indian subcontinent?
  1. Babar
  2. Shah Jehan
  3. Muhammad Akbar
  4. Aurangzeb

Answers to the questions of General Knowledge on this page

Following list gives the correct choice for the answer of the General Knowledge mcqs.
2745 . A       2746 . B       2747 . D       2748 . D       2749 . B       2750 . A       2751 . B       2754 . D       2755 . C       2763 . A       2765 . D       2766 . C      

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